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Reading Problems – Early Intervention is Vital

The Reading Fox is an innovative computer-based learning system designed specifically to help children with reading problems. Our program combines a variety of powerful tools to help children be successful readers. The techniques we use were developed by professionals in the fields of education, reading therapy and child psychology, representing the most advanced thinking in the field.

Strategies for Success


  • Displaying words in short sound units for easier comprehension
  • Sound Unit Bows for a visual reinforcement of the phonic building blocks of words
  • Presenting short sections of text to avoid overwhelming readers
  • Big letters making it easier to read
  • A read-aloud feature for extra help with unfamiliar or complicated words
  • An exclusive reading speedometer to match your child’s own reading speed
  • Puzzles designed to challenge and motivate your child
  • Printable progress report shown as a bar chart after every reading session
  • Interactive computer-based learning method makes practicing reading fun
  • Age-appropriate story to motivate young readers
  • These methods have proven to help children with all types of learning and reading disabilities acquire the necessary skills to read and succeed without becoming overwhelmed or discouraged. Due to the option of being able to activate or deactivate certain features of our tutor, it can range from being a simple and fun reading lesson for the child that just needs some extra practice to being a powerful learning aid for children diagnosed with dyslexia. This flexibility is unique and allows you to adjust our tutor specifically to the needs of your child.

    How We are Different

    Studying with our program is very easy. You can work at your own pace without the need for private tutoring in the comfort of your own home. Unlike most other learning methods, each software package of The Reading Fox&#8482 is designed around a well-known and popular children’s story that children will be proud to read. This provides motivation for your child to stick with the program and work to improve their reading skills.

    • Practice reading at your own pace in the comfort of your home
    • The program is adjustable to the specific needs and improvements of the reader
    • Includes both story and our tutor with no additional cost or purchase necessary
    • Printable progress report to track success
    • Easy to use, compatible with PC, Mac and Linux computers

    Real Solutions for Children with Reading Problems

    We, at The Reading Fox are committed to your child’s reading success. We are confident in our tutor because we have been using the program with children since its development and have seen amazing results. We offer proven techniques and methods that will help build reading skills. Our System allows you to bring the strategies and techniques used in schools, specialized learning centers and by private reading tutors home for your child.
    For more information about our Interactive Tutor and how it can benefit your child, please continue reading here . You can also simply download our free demo version and try it for yourself. For any questions you might have please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.