No one knows exactly why reading problems such as dyslexia occur,

but they affect more than 10 million people of all ages in the United States aloneNever diagnosed, ignored by schools, or grouped altogether as Dyslexic, they are often left alone to struggle with the challenges of not being able to read. Developed in Europe twenty years ago, by professors, doctors and psychologists, The Reading Fox system has helped many of these people improve their reading skills and overcome the struggle of dyslexia and other reading problems.


The Reading Fox tutor displays our practice books and stories on your computer, tablet or other online device using multiple methods to reduce visual stress and creating a positive reading environment. Words, for example, can be broken down into smaller sound units to help with pattern building and word recognition. This trains the mind and eyes, similar to how a physical trainer strengthens muscles. Once you strengthen those neural connections, the mind will begin recognizing these patterns in words. Other newly added features such as the Open Dyslexic font and changeable background colors help the eye focus and stabilize the words on the display.  As reading skills increase, the features and the reading speed can be adjusted to always fit the readers current level.

Built on the successful CD-Rom version, the new Reading Fox is our best yet.

We added even more content and it is all online so you can use the tutor on almost any device, wherever you are, without the need for downloads. Simply log on to your account and continue your practice where you left off on another device. The tutor will also automatically update as new books and features become available.



Stories for Ages 8 to Adult

Our reading material covers the age range of eight to adult. We use well known classic books in our tutor to keep the story in the background and the focus on reading practice. We have multiple books to choose from so you won’t run out of practice material.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.26.48 PM

The Open Dyslexia Font

and larger letters reduce the jumbling or jumping around of the letters on the screen and makes them appear more stable.Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.24.38 PM

Sound Units

are an integral part of our tutor.  At the touch of the space bar or at a set speed, each word is broken into manageable sound units which appear one at a time. This is a way to build viewing Patterns and recognize these sound units in words later on.Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.25.32 PM

 A Read Aloud Feature

can be used to help the reader progress through the passage and sound-out more complicated words.Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.35.36 PM

A Reading “Pacer”

can be engaged at a speed that matches with the student’s reading level.Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.19.03 AM

 Easy to use

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.19.52 AM

Background colors

A variety of color backgrounds

can be selected to help concentration, contrast and eye focus.

Always the Latest Innovations

The Reading Fox will be updated automatically as new learning techniques become available.

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Start overcoming the frustration and loneliness of dyslexia or other reading disorders today.

Act now, and start your practice today. For the cost of one private tutor hour, you will get The Reading Fox for six months or even an entire year. 

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